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Small Parking Lots

Make Your Place Inviting to Guests with Our Small Parking Lots

Parking lot

Are you finding your place to be a bit too cramped for you and your visitors? Then consider Vancouver Island Paving’s small parking lots! Our small parking lots can give the area structure while enhancing its appeal at the same time. We focus on parking lots for small businesses and those with existing lots that are in need of repairs.

Our specialty is parking lots for new businesses. We’ll take a poor parking lot and make it look like new! Adding a small parking lot is a sure way to enhance your place’s appeal and property value.

Vancouver Island Paving can do the job for you. When you come to us, you won’t have to worry about guests avoiding your place. Whether you’re building a new business or have an existing asphalt parking lot with damage, call us because we are the experts.

We work cost-effectively and we have the right-sized equipment for creating small parking lots. It allows us to be more efficient with our work.

Parking lot

Pave Your Way to a Better Space

Parking lot

We fix, repair, and replace small parking lots to enhance your business’s appeal.

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